Alaska Federal Fisheries Regulations, Rules and Notices
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

Alaska Fisheries Regulations and Notices

Federal Fisheries Regulations

Regulations Order Form: Request a CD or paper copy of the CFR 679 and 680 regulations.

Logbook Order Form for catcher vessels and catcher/processors.

  • 46 CFR 356: AFA Vessel Owner Citizenship Requirements

  • 50 CFR 600: Magnuson-Stevens Act Provisions covering Fishery Management Councils, the National Standards, Confidentiality of Statistics, foreign fishing and other general issues

  • Penalty Schedules: NOAA Civil Administrative Penalty, Summary Settlement and Fix-It Notice Schedules

Final and Proposed Rules, Regulatory Amendments and Notices

Regulatory actions and fishery management plan amendments affecting Alaska's groundfish and shellfish fisheries, and/or marine mammals.

Public comments requested on proposed rules, notices and proposed FMP amendments.

Marine Mammal Protections and Observer Program Regulations

Recordkeeping and Reporting (R&R)

Reporting manual for all vessel owners, operators or managers as required by 50 CFR 679.5 and 50 CFR 680.

National Regulations - Search and Comment

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