Alaska Seabird Bycatch Reduction Program and Longline Gear Seabird Avoidance Measures
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

Short-tailed Albatross, photo: Hiroshi Hasegawa

Seabird Bycatch Reduction Program

Program to Reduce Seabird Bycatch in Longline Fisheries

About Seabird Bycatch Reduction in Alaska

Short-tailed albatros flying. Photo: Hiroshi Hasegawa
Short-tailed albatross. Photo: Hiroshi Hasegawa

The Alaska Region (AKR) has been actively addressing seabird incidental take in longline (hook-and-line) fisheries off Alaska since 1989. In 1998, the AKR appointed a Seabird Coordinator to focus on seabird-related issues. AKR seabird-related responsibilities and activities include: consultations under the Endangered Species Act, data collection by fishery observers, public and industry outreach and education, research, regulatory action, and participation in the development of an international and national plan of action to reduce the incidental take of seabirds in longline fisheries. The Alaska Region plays a proactive role in its coordination with local, regional, national, and international agencies, organizations, and experts in its efforts to reduce seabird incidental take in hook-and-line fisheries.

Contact Information

Kim Rivera, Seabird Coordinator
NMFS Alaska Region
Protected Resources Division
P.O. Box 21668
709 West 9th Street (Fed Ex. only)
Juneau, AK 99802
PH: (907) 586-7424
Fax: (907) 586-7012

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