NOAA Restoration Center - Analyzing Risk to Improve Oil Spill Planning and Response

A Sensitive Environment

MV Selendang Ayu. Photo: US Coast Guard Unified Command.Alaska's waters are rich in biological resources that are sensitive to spilled oil. These waters are also host to oil exploration and production activities, heavy vessel traffic, and are bordered by land-based facilities that transfer, store, and handle oil. This combination of sensitive resources and potential oil spill sources increases the risk of a damaging spill.

Current increases in ship traffic, new areas open to oil leases, and anticipated future increases in shipping and oil exploration necessitate a strategic methodology for focusing our oil spill preparedness work. With Alaska's expansive coastline this risk analysis will allow for NOAA and other state, federal, tribal and public organizations to identify and focus on areas of high risk and environmental vulnerability.

Alaska Oil Spill Analysis

Risk Analysis Calculator

The Alaska Oil Spill Risk Analysis Calculator is a tool to enable strategic planning for geographic locations based on environmental vulnerability, theoretical spill sizes, and spill probabilities. This Risk Analysis is the first step in narrowing the focus on certain regions for certain spill types. The next step will be to work in these broad regions to focus on likely impacts to species and habitats in Alaska. Our analysis looks at the risk of an oil spill happening today and an assessment of future risk for the year 2025.

  • Risk Calculator: Download zip file. Extract and save the files to the same folder. Once they are in the same folder, run the .exe