50 CFR 679 - Federal Fishing Regulations for Alaska Groundfish Fisheries
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

Alaska Fisheries Regulations and Notices

Federal Fisheries Regulations

50 CFR Part 679: Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska

Table of Contents

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Date last updated Section Paragraph
50 CFR PART 679
06/06/15 50 CFR 679: Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska One file: All subparts, figures and tables in 50 CFR 679
01/22/13 679.1 Purpose and scope (a) Fishery Management Plan for Groundfish of the Gulf of Alaska
(b) Fishery Management Plan for Groundfish of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Management Area
(c) [Reserved]
(d) IFQ Program for Sablefish and Halibut
(e) Western Alaska CDQ Program
(f) Groundfish and Halibut Observer Program
(g) Fishery Management Plan for Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands King and Tanner Crabs
(h) Fishery Management Plan for the Scallop Fishery off Alaska
(i) Fishery Management Plan for the Salmon Fisheries in the EEZ off the Coast of Alaska (Salmon FMP)
(j) License Limitation Program (LLP)
(k) American Fisheries Act Measures
(l) Fishery Management Plan for Fish Resources of the Arctic Management Area
06/16/15 679.2 Definitions  
01/22/13 679.3 Relation to other laws (a) Foreign Fishing for Groundfish
(b) Domestic Fishing for Groundfish
(c) Halibut
(d) King and Tanner Crabs
(e) Incidental Catch of Marine Mammals
(f) Domestic Fishing for Salmon
(g) Scallops
11/20/14 679.4 Permits (a) Requirements
(b) Federal Fisheries permit
(c) [Reserved]
(d) IFQ permits, IFQ hired master permits, and Registered Buyer permits
(e) Halibut CDQ permits and CDQ hired master permits
(f) Federal processor permit
(g) Scallop LLP
(h) [Reserved]
(i) Exempted fisheries permit (see 679.6)
(j) Prohibited species donation program permit (see 679.26(a)(3))
(k) Licenses for license limitation groundfish or crab species
(l) AFA permits
(m) Participation in the AI directed pollock fishery
(n) Rockfish program
(o) Amendment 80 Program
(p) Flatfish Exchange Application
04/06/15 679.5 Recordkeeping and reporting (a) General R&R requirements
(b) Representative
(c) Logbooks
(d) Buying station report (BSR)
(e) Interagency Electronic Reporting System (IERS) and eLandings
(f) Electronic logbooks (ELBs)
(g) Product transfer report (PTR)
(h) Check-in/check-out report
(i) Weekly production report (WPR)
(j) [Reserved]
(k) U.S. vessel activity report (VAR)
(l) IFQ halibut, CDQ halibut, IFQ sablefish, or CR crab R&R
(m) [Reserved]
(n) Groundfish CDQ fisheries
(o) Catcher vessel cooperative pollock catch report
(p) Commercial Operator’s Annual Report (COAR)
(q) AI directed pollock fishery catch reports
(r) Rockfish program
(s) Amendment 80 Program
(t) Community Entity Quota Program Annual Report
12/03/09 679.6 Exempted fisheries (a) General
(b) Application
(c) Review procedure
(d) Notifying the applicant
(e) Terms and conditions
(f) Effectiveness
(g) Recordkeeping and reporting requirements
01/01/15 679.7 Prohibitions (a) Groundfish of the GOA and BSAI
(b) Prohibitions specific to GOA
(c) Prohibitions specific to BSAI
(d) CDQ
(e) [Reserved]
(f) IFQ fisheries
(g) Groundfish and halibut observer program
(h) Salmon fisheries
(i) License limitation program
(j) [Reserved]
(k) Prohibitions specific to AFA
(l) Prohibitions specific to the AI directed pollock fishery
(m) [Reserved]
(n) Rockfish program
(o) Amendment 80 program
(p) Arctic Management Area
01/28/02 679.8 Facilitation of enforcement  
12/30/97 679.9 Penalties  
04/06/15 679.20 General limitations (a) Harvest limits
(b) Reserves
(c) Annual specifications
(d) Fishery closures
(e) Maximum retainable amounts
(f) Directed fishing calculations and determinations
(g) Allowable retention of pollock roe
(h) Standard product types and standard PRRs
(i) Forage fish
(j) Full retention of Demersal Shelf Rockfish (DSR) in the Southeast Outside District of the GOA (SEO)
01/01/15 679.21 Prohibited species bycatch management (a) [Reserved]
(b) General
(c) Salmon taken in the BS pollock fisheries
(d) GOA halibut PSC limits
(e) BSAI PSC limits
(f) BS Chinook Salmon Bycatch Management
(g) BS Non-Chinook Salmon Bycatch Management
(h) GOA Chinook Salmon PSC Management
(i) GOA Chinook Salmon PSC Management for non-pollock trawl fisheries
04/06/15 679.22 Closures

(a) BSAI

(1) Zone 1 (512) closure to trawl gear
(2) Zone 1 (516) closure to trawl gear
(3) Red King Crab Savings Area (RKCSA)
(4) Walrus protection areas
(5) Catcher Vessel Operational Area (CVOA)
(6) Pribilof Island Area Habitat Conservation Zone
(7) Steller sea lion protection areas, Bering Sea reporting areas
(8) Steller sea lion protection areas, Aleutian Islands reporting areas
(9) Nearshore Bristol Bay trawl closure
(10) Chum Salmon Savings Area
(11) [Reserved]
(12) Alaska Seamount Habitat Protection Areas
(13) Aleutian Islands Coral Habitat Protection Areas
(14) Aleutian Islands Habitat Conservation Area
(15) Bowers Ridge Habitat Conservation Zone
(16) Bering Sea Habitat Conservation Area
(17) Northern Bering Sea Research Area
(18) Nunivak Island, Etolin Strait, and Kuskokwim Bay Habitat Conservation Area
(19) St. Lawrence Island Habitat Conservation Area
(20) St. Matthew Island Habitat Conservation Area
(21) Modified Gear Trawl Zone

(b) GOA

(1) Kodiak Island, trawls other than pelagic trawls
(2) Steller sea lion protection areas
(3) Marmot Bay Tanner Crab Protection Area
(4) Southeast Outside District, gear other than nontrawl
(5) Sitka Pinnacles Marine Reserve
(6) Reserved
(7) Cook Inlet
(8) Alaska Seamount Habitat Protection Areas
(9) Gulf of Alaska Coral Habitat Protection Areas
(10) Gulf of Alaska Slope Habitat Conservation Areas

(c) Directed fishing closures (see § 679.20(d) and § 679.20(i))
(d) Groundfish as prohibited species closures (see § 679.20(d))
(e) Overfishing closures (see § 679.20(d))
(f) Prohibited species closures (see § 679.21)
(g) [Reserved]
(h) CDQ fisheries closures (see § 679.7(d)(8))
(i) Forage fish closures (see § 679.20(i)(3))

12/26/14 679.23 Seasons (a) Groundfish, general
(b) Time of groundfish openings and closures
(c) GOA and BSAI trawl groundfish
(d) GOA groundfish seasons
(e) BSAI groundfish seasons
(f) IFQ halibut
(g) IFQ sablefish
(h) Stand down requirements for trawl catcher vessels transiting between the BSAI and GOA
(i) Catcher vessel exclusive fishing seasons for pollock
05/05/14 679.24 Gear limitations (a) Marking of hook-and-line, longline pot, and pot-and-line gear
(b) Gear restrictions
(c) Gear restrictions for sablefish
(d) Trawl gear test areas
(e) Seabird avoidance program for vessels fishing with hook-and-line gear
(f) Modified nonpelagic trawl gear
11/05/10 679.25 Inseason adjustments (a) General
(b) Data
(c) Procedure
08/25/12 679.26 Prohibited Species Donation Program (a) Authorized species
(b) Authorized distributors
(c) Reporting and recordkeeping requirements
(d) Processing, handling, and distribution
03/27/13 679.27 Improved Retention/Improved Utilization Program (a) Applicability
(b) IR/IU species
(c) Minimum retention requirements
(d) Bleeding codends and shaking longline gear
(e) At-sea discard of product
(f) Discard of fish or product transferred from other vessels
(g) IR/IU species as bait
(h) Previously caught fish
(i) Minimum utilization requirements
(j) [Reserved]
01/20/15 679.28 Equipment and operational requirements (a) Applicability
(b) Scales used to weigh catch at sea
(c) Scales approved by State of Alaska
(d) Observer sampling station
(e) Video monitoring system requirements
(f) Vessel monitoring system (VMS) requirements
(g) Catch monitoring and control plan requirements (CMCP)
(h) ELB Software
(i) Bin monitoring
(j) Video monitoring on catcher/processors and motherships in the BS pollock fishery,including pollock CDQ
(k) Video monitoring in the longline catcher/processor subsector
03/09/12 679.30 [Reserved]
10/23/14 679.31 CDQ and PSQ reserves, allocations, and transfers (a) CDQ and PSQ reserves
(b) Allocations of CDQ and PSQ among the CDQ groups
(c) Transfers
01/01/13 679.32 Groundfish and halibut CDQ catch monitoring (a) Applicability
(b) PSQ catch
(c) Fisheries monitoring requirements and catch accounting sources for vessels sablefish, pollock, or groundfish CDQ fishing
(d) Monitoring requirements for shoreside processors and stationary floating processors
(e) Use of non-CDQ harvest regulations for vessels in voluntary fishing cooperatives
01/13/14 679.40 Sablefish and halibut QS (a) Initial allocation of QS
(b) Annual allocation of IFQ
(c) Calculation of annual IFQ allocation
(d) Ten-percent adjustment policy
(e) Underages
(f) Harvesting privilege
(g) External research tags for halibut and sablefish
(h) Properly debited landing
12/8/14 679.41 Transfer of Quota Shares and IFQ (a) General
(b) Transfer procedure
(c) Application for transfer approval criteria
(d) Eligibility to receive QS or IFQ by transfer
(e) Transfers of QS blocks
(f) Transfer of QS or IFQ with restrictions
(g) Transfer restrictions
(h) Transfer of IFQ
(i) Transfer across catcher vessel categories
(j) Compensation for CDQ allocations
(k) Survivorship transfer privileges
(l) Transfer of QS to CQEs
(m)Temporary military transfers
03/23/15 679.42 Limitations on use of QS and IFQ (a) IFQ regulatory area and vessel category
(b) Gear
(c) Permit holder aboard requirement
(d) Emergency waivers and medical transfers
(e) Sablefish QS use
(f) Halibut QS use
(g) Limitations on QS blocks
(h) Vessel limitations
(i) Use of IFQ resulting from QS assigned to vessel categories B, C, or D by individuals
(j) Use of IFQ resulting from QS assigned to vessel categories B, C, or D by corporations, partnerships, or other non-individual entities
(k) Sablefish vessel clearance requirements
03/09/12 679.43 Determinations appeals (a) General
(b) Who may appeal
(c) Submission of appeals
(d) Timing of appeals
(e) Address of record
(f) Statement of reasons for appeals
(g) Hearings
(h) Types of hearings
(i) Authority of the appellate officer
(j) Evidence
(k) Appellate officers’ decisions
(l) Disqualification of an appellate officer
(m) Written hearing
(n) Oral hearing
(o) Review of the Regional Administrator
(p) Issuance of a non-transferable license
01/29/97 679.44 Penalties  
01/13/14 679.45 IFQ Cost Recovery Program (a) Cost recovery fees
(b) IFQ ex-vessel value determination and use
(c) [Reserved]
(d) IFQ fee percentage
(e) Non-payment of fee
(f) Underpayment of IFQ fee
(g) Over payment
(h) Appeals and requests for reconsideration
(i) Annual report
01/01/13 679.50 Applicability (a) General
(b) [Reserved]
10/14/14 679.51 Observer requirements for vessels and plants (a) Observer requirements for vessels
(b) Observer requirements for shoreside processors and stationary floating processors
(c) NMFS employee observers
(d) Procurement of observer services
(e) Responsibilities
(f) Reference table for observer coverage requirements
01/01/13 679.52 Observer provider permitting and responsibilities. (a) Observer provider permit
(b) Responsibilities of observer providers
(c) Limitations on conflict of interest
01/01/13 679.53 Observer certification and responsibilities (a) Observer certification
(b) Standards of observer conduct
(c) Suspension and decertification
01/01/13 679.54 Release of observer data to the public (a) Summary of weekly data
(b) Haul-specific data
(c) Competitive harm
01/01/13 679.55 Observer fees (a) Responsibility
(b) Observer fee liability determination
(c) Landings subject to the observer fee
(d) Standard ex-vessel prices
(e) Determining the ex-vessel value of groundfish and halibut
(f) Observer fee percentage
(g) Fee collection
(h) Payment
(i) Overpayment of fee
(j) Appeals
03/03/05 679.60 Authority and related regulations  
04/08/11 679.61 Formation and operation of fishery cooperatives (a) Who is liable for violations by a fishery cooperative and cooperative members?
(b) Who must comply with this section?
(c) Designated representative and agent for service of process
(d) Annual filing requirements
(e) What are the required elements in a cooperative contract?
(f) Annual reporting requirement
(g) Landing tax payment deadline
10/14/14 679.62 Inshore sector cooperative allocation program (a) How will inshore sector cooperative allocations be made?
(b) What are the restrictions on fishing under an inshore cooperative fishing permit?
(c) Contract fishing by non-member vessels
10/14/14 679.63 Catch weighing requirements for vessels and processors (a) What are the requirements for listed AFA catcher/processors and AFA motherships?
(b) What are the requirements for unlisted AFA catcher/processors?
(c) What are the requirements for AFA replacement vessels?
(d) What are the requirements for AFA inshore processors?
10/14/14 679.64 Harvesting sideboard limits in other fisheries (a) Harvesting sideboards for listed AFA catcher/processors and catcher/processors designated on listed AFA catcher/processor permits
(b) Harvesting sideboards for AFA catcher vessels
03/05/12 679.65 Bering Sea Chinook Salmon Bycatch Management Program Economic Data Report (Chinook salmon EDR program) (a) Requirements
(b) Chinook salmon PSC Compensated Transfer Report (CTR)
(c) Vessel Fuel Survey
(d) Vessel Master Survey
(e) Chinook salmon EDR verification and audit procedures
  679.70 through 679.76 have been relocated to 50 CFR 600.1101, per 69 FR 53359  
06/26/12 679.80 Allocation and transfer of rockfish QS (a) Applicable areas and duration
(b) Rockfish legal landings
(c) Rockfish Program official record
(d) Application for Rockfish QS
(e) Assigning Rockfish QS
(f) Transfer of Rockfish QS
01/18/12 679.81 Rockfish Program annual harvester privileges (a) Sector and LLP license allocations of primary rockfish Species
(b) Allocations of rockfish primary species CQ to rockfish cooperatives
(c) Allocations of rockfish secondary species CQ to rockfish cooperatives
(d) Allocations of rockfish halibut PSC CQ to rockfish cooperatives
(e) Assigning rockfish QS to a rockfish cooperative
(f) Annual Application for the Rockfish Program
(g) Application for inter-cooperative transfer of cooperative quota (CQ)
(h) Maximum retainable amount (MRA) limits
(i) Rockfish cooperative
12/27/11 679.82 Rockfish Program use caps and sideboard limits (a) Use caps
(b) Opt-out fishery
(c) Sideboard limitations - General
(d) Sideboard provisions for catcher vessels
(e) Rockfish and halibut PSC sideboard provisions for catcher/processor vessels
(f) Sideboard provisions – catcher/processor opt-out provisions
12/27/11 679.83 Rockfish Program entry level longline fishery (a) Rockfish entry level longline fishery
(b) [Reserved]
03/09/12 679.84 Rockfish Program recordkeeping, permits, monitoring, and catch accounting (a) Recordkeeping and reporting. See § 679.5(r)
(b) Permits. See § 679.4(n)
(c) Catch monitoring requirements for catcher/processors assigned to a rockfish cooperative
(d) Catch monitoring requirements for catcher/processor opt-out vessels
(e) Catch monitoring requirements for catcher vessels
(f) Catch monitoring requirements for shoreside processors
(g) Catch accounting
12/27/11 679.85 Cost recovery (a) Cost recovery fees
(b) Rockfish standard ex-vessel value
(c) Rockfish fee percentage
(d) Underpayment of fee liability
(e) Over payment
(f) Appeals
10/31/12 679.90 Allocations, use, and transfer of Amendment 80 QS permit (a) Issuance of Amendment 80 QS permits
(b) Application for Amendment 80 QS
(c) Amendment 80 official record
(d) Assigning an Amendment 80 QS permit to an Amendment 80 QS holder
(e) Transfers of Amendment 80 QS Permits
(f) Application to transfer an Amendment 80 QS permit
10/23/14 679.91 Amendment 80 Program annual harvester privileges (a) Assigning an Amendment 80 QS permit to an Amendment 80 cooperative or Amendment 80 limited access fishery
(b) Application for CQ and Application for the Amendment 80 limited access fishery
(c) Allocations of Amendment 80 species
(d) Allocations of halibut PSC
(e) Allocations of crab PSC
(f) Rollover--Annual reallocation of an Amendment 80 species ICA or ITAC, crab PSC, and halibut PSC from the BSAI trawl limited access sector to Amendment 80 cooperatives
(g) Application for inter-cooperative transfer of Amendment 80 CQ
(h) Amendment 80 cooperative
(i)Amendment 80 ABC Reserves
03/24/14 679.92 Amendment 80 Program use caps and sideboard limits (a) Use caps
(b) GOA sideboard limits
(c) Sideboard restrictions applicable to Amendment 80 vessels directed fishing for flatfish in the GOA
(d) Sideboard restrictions applicable to the fishing vessel GOLDEN FLEECE
(e)Sideboard restrictions applicable to Amendment 80 vessel not assigned an Amendment 80 QS permit Amendment 80 LLP license, or Amendment 80 LLP/QS license
03/27/13 679.93 Amendment 80 Program recordkeeping, permits, monitoring and catch accounting

(a) Recordkeeping and reporting
(b) Permits
(c) Catch monitoring requirements for Amendment 80 vessels and catcher/processors not listed in § 679.4(l)(2)(i) using trawl gear and fishing in the BSAI
(d) Catch monitoring requirements for Amendment 80 vessels fishing in the GOA
(e) Catch accounting

01/01/15 679.94 Economic data report (EDR) for the Amendment 80 sector and Gulf of Alaska Trawl Catcher/processors

(a) Annual Trawl Catcher/processor Economic Data Report (EDR)
(b) Verification of EDR data

SUBPART I - Equipment and Operational Requirements for the Longline Catcher/Processor Subsector
01/20/15 679.100 Applicability (a) Opt out selection
(b) Monitoring option selection
(c) Electronic logbooks
SUBPART J - Gulf of Alaska Trawl Economic Data
01/01/15 679.110 Gulf of Alaska Trawl Economic Data Reports (EDRs). (a) Requirements to submit an EDR
(b) Deadline
(c) Information required
(d) EDR certification
(e) Verification of EDR data
(f) DCA authorization
06/28/00 Performance and Technical Requirements for Scales Used to Weigh Catch At Sea in the Groundfish Fisheries off Alaska  
10/28/03 Influence Quantity and Disturbance Tests  



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