Federal Fisheries (FFP) and Federal Processor Permits (FPP)
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

Federal Fisheries and Federal Processor Permits

Federal Fisheries Permit (FFP)

This permit is required for US vessels which are used to fish for groundfish in the Gulf of Alaska or Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. This permit is also required for vessels used to fish for any non-groundfish species and that are required to retain any bycatch of groundfish under 50 CFR Part 679. Non-groundfish species includes but is not limited to halibut, crab, salmon, scallops, and herring. "Fishing" is a broad term and includes, for example: harvesting, processing, tendering, support, etc. These are non-transferable, three year permits, issued on request and without charge to vessel owners. These permits are authorized at 50 CFR 679.4(b).

Starting with the 2002 groundfish fishery, NMFS implemented two new Steller sea lion protection measures which require that vessel owners amend their FFPs.

Federal Processor Permit (FPP)

This permit is required for stationary floating processors (processing vessels that operate solely within Alaska State waters). The permit also is required for shoreside processors that receive and/or process groundfish harvested from Federal waters (or from any Federally-permitted vessels). FPPs are non-transferable, one year permits, issued to owners on request and without charge. These permits are authorized at 50 CFR 679.4(f).

FFP and FPP Permits

  Federal Fisheries Permits Federal Processor Permits Issued to Stationary Floating Processors Federal Processor Permits Issued to Shoreside Processors
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2014 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2013 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2012 .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv
2011 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2010 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2009 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2008 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2007 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2006 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
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Sideboards apply to non-AFA crab vessels that fished snow crab from 1996-2000 and to any vessels fishing under any LLP groundfish licenses derived from those vessels.

Sideboard Lists (note that some crab sideboarded vessels did not give rise to LLP licenses).

Important notes about the content of these text files:

  1. Under current regulations, vessels must be designated on the licenses. Identities of original qualifying vessels are provided for reference only.
  2. Licenses do not expire but may be superseded by another license issued by RAM.
  3. Most "Interim" nontransferable licenses result from applicant eligibility claims; RAM reissues LLPs as necessary following due process procedures, including adjudication of appeals.
  4. A small number of groundfish licenses may be used only on the original qualifying vessel whose activities gave rise to the license (or, with NMFS' approval, on a replacement vessel if the original qualifying vessel is lost or destroyed). The groundfish license lists indicate those restricted licenses.
  5. These lists represent vessels and LLP licenses subject to sideboards; a vessel may not be named on a Federal Fisheries Permit and an LLP may not be currently assigned to a vessel at any given time.

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