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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

American Fisheries Act (AFA) Permits

Program Information


Permit Reports

Lists of vessels and processors issued AFA permits
Year Catcher/
Catcher Vessels Inshore Cooperative Permits Inshore Cooperative Member Vessels Inshore Processors Motherships
2015 .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv
2014 .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv
2013 .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv .pdf, .csv
2012 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2011 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2010 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2009 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2008 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2007 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2006 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2005 .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv .htm, .csv
2004 .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm
2003 .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm
2002 .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm
2001 .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm .htm
2000 .pdf .pdf .pdf .htm .pdf .pdf

NOTE: Past year AFA permit reports are from the end of the year. Current year reports are updated daily.

About the Program

AFA permits also may limit the take of non-pollock groundfish, crab, and prohibited species as governed by AFA "sideboard" provisions.

With the exceptions of applications for inshore vessel cooperatives and for replacement vessels, the AFA permit program had a one-time application deadline of December 1, 2000, for AFA vessel and processor permits. Applications for AFA vessel or processor permits will not be accepted after this date and any vessels or processors for which an application had not been received by this date are permanently ineligible to receive AFA permits.

Inshore catcher vessel cooperatives must apply for an AFA permit annually, by December 1 for the following fishing year. A catcher vessel must be permitted under AFA before NMFS can approve any cooperative application which lists that vessel.

Applications to replace lost or destroyed AFA vessels may be submitted to RAM at any time. However, if the replacement vessel does not already hold a fishery endorsement (from the U.S. Coast Guard) that endorsement must be obtained within 36 months of the end of the last year that the vessel fished for or processed pollock in the BSAI.

You may submit AFA permit applications via facsimile except where a notary seal is required. We cannot fax the permit to you as the original permit must be present at inshore processor facilities and on vessels.

To amend an AFA vessel permit to reflect a vessel ownership and/or name change, send a letter to NMFS/RAM P.O. Box 21668, Juneau, AK 99802-1668 indicating the AFA permit number and the specific changes being requested.

For information about AFA regulations and program development, please see the AFA information web page, or contact the Sustainable Fisheries Division, NMFS at: (800) 304-4846 (option 3); or (907) 586-7228.

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