Tribal Consultations
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

Tribal Consultation in Alaska

meeting 11/09
November 2009 workshop on tribal consultations. Photo: Rebekah Lührs, Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.

In Alaska, NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) consults with tribes and Native corporations about Federal actions that may affect tribal governments and their members. Executive Order 13175 sets the framework for regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration with Alaska Native representatives in the development of policies, legislation, regulations, and programs.

If an Alaska Native tribe or Native corporation would like to initiate a consultation on any issue that is under the authority of NMFS, a person representing the tribe or Native corporation should write to the Alaska Regional Administrator at: James W. Balsiger, Ph.D., Regional Administrator, NMFS Alaska Region, P.O. Box 21668, Juneau, Alaska 99801, PH: (907) 586-7221. Please identify in the letter a contact person from the tribe or Native corporation for further coordination and the best method to contact that person.

If your group would like to update its contact information, would like to receive information from us by email, or if you have questions about tribal consultations or actions under development or consideration by NMFS and do not know who to contact, please use our contact form or email directly:


Tribal consultation process followed by the Sustainable Fisheries Division.

For additional information about tribal consultation issues under the Sustainable Fisheries Division, please contact:

  • Gabrielle Aberle, Tribal Consultation Coordinator for Sustainable Fisheries Division, PH: (907) 586-7356, Email:
  • Sally Bibb, Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator, Sustainable Fisheries Division, PH: (907) 586-7389, Email:
  • Glenn Merrill, Assistant Regional Administrator, Sustainable Fisheries Division, PH: (907) 586-7775, Email:


For additional information about tribal consultation issues under the Habitat Conservation Division, please contact:

  • Jeanne Hanson, Assistant Regional Administrator, Habitat Conservation Division, PH: (907) 271-3029,

Marine Mammals

The process for tribal consultation on marine mammal issues is governed by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Co-management Agreements may be established between NMFS and Alaska Native Organizations, including tribes and tribally authorized co-management bodies. Individual co-management agreements incorporate the spirit and intent of co-management through close cooperation and communication between NMFS and the Alaska Native Organizations, hunters, and subsistence users. Agreements encourage the exchange of information regarding the conservation, management, and utilization of marine mammals in U.S. waters in and around Alaska. Existing agreements cover co-management structures, monitoring subsistence harvests, collecting and analyzing data on marine mammal populations, and participating in marine mammal research.

For additional information about tribal consultation issues under the Protected Resources Division, please contact:

  • Jon Kurland, Assistant Regional Administrator, Protected Resources Division, PH: (907) 586-7638, Email:

Fisheries Tribal Consultation Documents

Unalakleet Consultation Tribal consultation in Unalakleet, Alaska, February 2010.

NMFS and Tribal Representatives Workgroup

November 2009 Meeting

Community Outreach

Tribal Consultation Policy Directives and Public Law

Additional Resources

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