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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

Inseason Management and Catch Accounting for Alaska Groundfish Fisheries

Inseason Management and Catch Accounting

Groundfish Management

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About Inseason Management and Catch Accounting

Inseason management oversees more than 600 separate groundfish quotas and prohibited species catch limits, that results in an annual harvest of 4.5 billion pounds of seafood taken by over 2,000 vessels. About 100 actions either opening or closing fisheries occur annually. The Alaska groundfish catch accounting system and routine catch reports support monitoring, industry compliance and enforcement of quotas; as well as disseminate timely catch and bycatch information to interested members of the public.

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Trawler with net of Pacific Ocean Perch
Trawl of Pacific Ocean Perch. Photo: Josh Keaton, NOAA Fisheries

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