Online Services

Setup an eFISH account

  • On the eFISH login page click on the "Activate an Account" link. 
  • Before logging into eFISH you need your NMFS ID and your current e-mail address must be on file with NMFS to activate your eFISH account.  If you need help with either, please call: 1.800.304.4846, option 4 or email

Renew a halibut subsistence permit

Pay fees

  • eFISH - Pay fees for crab, IFQ, rockfish and observer program and print a fee detail report
  • Use the Fee Submission Form for IFQ or Crab

Check an account balance

  • eFISH – Check account balances for IFQ, crab, CDQ groups, Amendment 80, AFA, rockfish cooperatives, Guided Angler Fish (GAF) and print account report

Report a Landing

Make a change to an IFQ landing report

  • Call NOAA Law Enforcement’s Data Flow technicians. Phone: (800) 304-4846 (option #1)  They provide IFQ landing support and can reset passwords, send manual receipts, and provide limited logbook support. 

Renew a permit

  • eFISH – Renew  IFQ registered buyer permits, registered crab receiver permits, federal crab vessel permits, subsistence halibut registration certificates, and federal processor permits
  • Renewal on PDF paper forms

Print a permit

  • eFISH – Print Subsistence Halibut Registration (SHARC) Certificate, IFQ annual permit, IFQ hired master permit, CDQ halibut permit and crab annual IFQ/IPQ permit, crab hired master permit, IFQ registered buyer permit, registered crab receiver permit, federal crab vessel permit, federal fisheries permit and federal processors permit

Submit a landing value report

  • eFISH – Submit a landing value report for rockfish, IFQ, CDQ and crab

View Landing Ledger Reports

  • eFISH – View ledger reports for IFQ, CDQ, crab and groundfish

Locate and Download the Latest seaLandings Reporting Software

Transfer Quota  

View quota share holdings

  • eFISH – View quota share holdings for crab and IFQ

Check Vessel Balances

  • eFISH- Check vessel balances from crab and IFQ