NMFS Alaska's eFISH and eLandings Web Applications
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

eFISH, eLandings and Subsistence Halibut Permits


Bristol Bay king crab. Photo: Gretchen Harrington, NOAA Fisheries.

IFQ Halibut/Sablefish and CDQ Halibut/guided Angler Fish

Fishermen offloading halibut in Sitka. Photo: Kurt Byers, ADF&G.
  • eLandings: Make landings for IFQ/CDQ halibut and sablefish. (Operations and users must be registered to use this on-line reporting program).
  • eFISH (NMFS web application): Check a permit or vessel balance; print an IFQ or Hired Master permit; report a landing (in cases where eLandings may not be used); submit out-of-state IFQ landings; print a receipt for a previous landing; make an ex-vessel volume and value report; renew an annual registered buyer permit; pay cost-recovery fees; pay observer program fees; view an IFQ landing ledger report; view a registered buyer landing ledger report and a quota share holdings report; print annual permits; report a Guided Angler Fish (GAF) landing and check a GAF permit balance.
  • IFQ/CDQ Program Information

CDQ Groups, Amendment 80, AFA, and Rockfish Program Cooperatives

Kodiak harbor. Photo: NOAA Fisheries.
  • eFISH (NMFS web application): Check account balances, submit out-of-state IFQ landings, view ledger reports, and make inter-group transfers, print annual permits, pay rockfish cost recovery fees
  • eLandings: Submit landing and production data. (Operations and users must be registered to use this on-line reporting program).
  • eLogbooks: Instructions for using eLogbooks

Federal Processors

  • eFISH (NMFS web application): Federal processors (including Registered Buyers and Registered Crab Receiver permit holders) can complete value and volume reports cost recovery programs, and renew and print permits (FPP and RB).

More Information

Subsistence Halibut

Halibut on longline. Photo: John Hyde, ADF&G

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