Fishery Management Plan (FMP) Amendments

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Salmon FMP -FMP for the Salmon Fisheries in the EEZ Off Alaska (PDF)
Notice of Availability Analysis Corrections Approval/Final Rule
Amendment 10

, Amendment 11

, Amendment 12

77 FR 21716, 04/11/2012
Proposed rule to implement Salmon Amendment 12 to revise specific regulations and remove obsolete regulations in accordance with the modifications proposed by Amendment 12. Comment period through May 29, 2012.

77 FR 19605, 04/02/2012
Notice of availability for Amendments 10, 11, and 12 to the Fishery Management Plan for the Salmon Fisheries. Comment period through June 1, 2012.

EA/RIR for Amendment 12 to the FMP for the Salmon Fisheries in the EEZ Off the Coast of Alaska, Amendment 12 FONSI, Amendments 10 and 11 CE Amendment 12 Approved: 06/29/2012