Vessel Specific Bycatch Rates

Bycatch Rate Data

Information on prohibited species bycatch by week-ending-date and vessel. Bycatch rates are published for halibut, herring, red king crab, other king crab, bairdi tanner crab, and other tanner crab. The number of chinook and non-chinook bycatch are also published. Information on gear type, number of sampled observed hauls or gear sets are also included. Note: Rates are based on preliminary data and are subject to change. Publication of these data was authorized by regulations published at 59 FR 18757 (April 20, 1994) and effective May 20, 1994. The proposed rule for this action is 59 FR 2817 (January 19, 1994). This report includes the CDQ fisheries.

Fields and brief descriptions

Field NameTypeWidthDecDescription
WEEK ENDING DATECharacter8 Week-ending-date of catch
VESSEL IDCharacter4 Permit Number of vessel
NAMECharacter20 Vessel name
AREACharacter3 FMP Area
GEARCharacter3 Type of gear
TARGETCharacter1 Target fishery
HALIBUTNumeric103kg halibut per mt of groundfish
HERRINGNumeric103kg herring per mt of groundfish
RED KING CRABNumeric103# red king crab per mt of groundfish
OTHER KING CRABNumeric103# other king crab per mt of groundfish
BAIRDI TANNER CRABNumeric103# bairdi tanner crab per mt of groundfish
OTHER TANNER CRABNumeric103# other tanner crab per mt of groundfish
CHINOOKNumeric103# of chinook
NON-CHINOOKNumeric103# of non-chinook
OBSHAULSNumeric3 Number of sampled observed hauls

Groundfish Targets

A Atka mackerel BSAI,GOAM 'Kamchatka flounder' BSAI
B Pollock - bottom* BSAI,GOAO 'Other species' BSAI,GOA
C Pacific cod BSAI,GOAP Pollock - midwater* BSAI,GOA
D Deep water flatfish* GOAR Rock Sole BSAI
E Alaska plaice BSAIS Sablefish BSAI,GOA
F Other flatfish* BSAIT Greenland turbot BSAI
H Shallow water flatfish* GOAW Arrowtooth flounder BSAI,GOA
K Rockfish BSAI,GOAX Rex sole GOA
L Flathead sole BSAI,GOAY Yellowfin sole BSAI


  • Pollock targets defined by catch composition, not reported gear type. 
  • Deep Water Flatfish includes Dover sole, Greenland turbot, Kamchatka flounder, and deepsea sole.
  • Shallow Water Flatfish includes flatfish not including Deep Water Flatfish, Flathead sole, Rex sole, or Arrowtooth Flounder.
  • Other Flatfish includes all flatfish species except for Pacific Halibut (a prohibited species) and all other flatfish species that have a separate specified TAC amount.