Recordkeeping and Reporting

Recordkeeping and Reporting for Federal Fisheries in Alaska

NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Region, manages U.S. fisheries in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the waters off Alaska. Management includes Recordkeeping and Reporting procedures to promote the goals and objectives of fishery management plans, the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, and and other applicable laws. The collection of reliable data is essential to the effective conservation, management, and scientific understanding of the fishery resources. NMFS recognizes that the best available biological and socioeconomic information is necessary in order to promote successful management of groundfish, crab, Pacific halibut, and salmon resources. All U.S. vessels harvesting EEZ fish and shoreside processors, stationary floating processors, and motherships receiving EEZ fish are required to hold a Federal permit and thus comply with recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Data collected are used for making inseason  management decisions that affect the fishery resources and the fishing industry that utilizes them.

Reporting Forms



  • Interagency Electronic Reporting System for reporting commercial fishery landings in Alaska. To report groundfish and crab landings, report daily production and submit logbooks industry can use:
    • eLandings - web based electronic reporting system, or
    • seaLandings - stand alone electronic reporting software 
    • eLogbook for Catcher/processors, Motherships and Catcher Vessels


  • eFISH - NMFS Alaska Region's online Fisheries Information System provides registered buyers and fishermen access to their NMFS permit accounts to: check account and vessel balances and landing ledger reports, quota share holdings reports, and processor quota share holding reports from various fisheries; report landings; conduct quota transfers; renew certain fishery permits; submit ex-vessel value and volume reports; pay cost-recovery fees for crab, IFQ, observer and rockfish programs; report a Guided Angler Fish (GAF) landing and check a GAF permit balance.

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