2019 Electronic Monitoring Pool - Request Period Open

The request period for small fixed gear vessels to participate in the Electronic Monitoring (EM) selection pool for the 2019 calendar year is open September 1 and closes November 1.  Vessel owners or operators wishing to join the EM selection pool must submit a request through the Observer Declare and Deploy System (ODDS) or by calling the ODDS call center at 1-855-747-6377.

Vessels in the EM selection pool during 2018 will remain in the EM selection pool for the 2019 calendar year unless the vessel owner or operator requests to leave the EM selection pool using ODDS. A vessel owner or operator may request to be removed from the EM selection pool for 2019 between September 1 and November 1, 2018.

More information about the criteria for the EM selection pool can be found in the Draft 2019 Annual Deployment Plan.


Video for Compliance Monitoring and general Electronic Monitoring questions:

Jennifer Watson 
Catch Accounting & Data Quality Branch, Sustainable Fisheries
PH: (907) 586-7537

Vessel Owner Electronic Monitoring Selection Pool questions:

Mike Vechter
AFSC Observer Program
PH: (907) 271-1696