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50 CFR Part 680

All subparts and tables in 50 CFR 680


All subparts and tables in 50 CFR 680


All subparts and tables in 50 CFR 680


A: General

(a) Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands King and Tanner Crabs
(b) License Limitation Program

(a) King and Tanner crab
(b) Sport, personal use, and subsistence

(a) General information.
(b) Crab QS permit.
(c) Crab PQS permit.
(d) Crab IFQ permit.
(e) Crab IPQ permit.
(f) Contents of annual application for crab IFQ/IPQ permit.
(g) Crab IFQ hired master permit.
(h) Contents of application for crab IFQ hired master permit.
(i) RCR permit
(j) Contents of application for RCR permit.
(k) Federal crab vessel permit.
(l) Contents of application for federal crab vessel permit.
(m) Annual crab harvesting cooperative IFQ permit. (See 680.21)
(n) Contents of annual application for converted CPO QS/IFQ permit
(o) Exemption from Western Aleutian Islands golden king crab West regional delivery requirements
(p) Exemption from regional delivery requirements for the Bristol Bay red king crab, Bering Sea snow crab, St. Matthew blue king crab, Eastern Aleutian Islands golden king crab, Western Aleutian Islands red king crab, and Pribilof red king and blue king crab fisheries.
(q) Initial administrative determination (IAD)

(a) General requirements.
(b) CR landing report procedure.
(c) [Reserved]
(d) [Reserved]
(e) [Reserved]
(f) ECCO Annual Report.
(g) RCR fee submission form (See 680.44).
(h) Product transfer report. (See 679.5(g))
(i) U.S. Vessel activity report (VAR). (See 679.5 (k).)
(j) Transshipment authorization. (See 679.5(l)(3).)
(k) IFQ departure report. (See 679.5(l)(4))
(l) Catcher vessel longline and pot daily fishing logbook (DFL) and catcher/processor daily cumulative production logbook (DCPL).
(See 679.5 (c)).
(m) Crab Rationalization Registered Crab Receiver Ex-vessel Volume and Value Report

(a) Requirements
(b) EDR Certification Pages
(c) Annual Catcher Vessel EDR
(d) Annual Catcher/Processor EDR
(e) Annual Processor EDR
(f) Verification of Data
(g) DCA authorization

(a) Receiving and processing CR crab.
(b) Landing CR crab.
(c) Harvest crab.
(d) Recordkeeping and reporting.
(e) Permits.
(f) IPQ.
(g) General.
(h) Inseason action.

(see 50 CFR part 600.730)

B: Management Measures

(a) Applicability
(b) Eligibility for Arbitration System
(c) Preseason requirements for joining an Arbitration Organization.
(d) Formation process for an Arbitration Organization.
(e) Role of Arbitration Organization(s) and annual requirements
(f) Roles and standards for the Market Analyst and process for producing the Market Report.
(g) Roles and standards for the Formula Arbitrator.
(h) Roles and standards for the Contract Arbitrator(s).
(i) Other procedures and administrative decisions. 

(a) Formation of crab harvesting cooperatives
(b) Application for annual crab harvesting cooperative IFQ permits
(c) Restrictions on fishing under a crab harvesting cooperative IFQ permit
(d) Transfers by members of a crab harvesting cooperative
(e) Transfers by crab harvesting cooperatives
(f) Application for transfer of crab harvesting cooperative IFQ
(g) Inseason changes to crab harvesting cooperative membership.

(a) Vessels and LLP licenses subject to sideboard restrictions
(b) Notification of affected vessel owners and LLP license holders
(c) Appeals
(d) Determination of GOA groundfish sideboard ratios
(e) Conversion of sideboard ratios into annual sideboard harvest limits
(f) Sideboard protections in the State of Alaska parallel groundfish fisheries

(a) Catcher Vessel requirements.
(b) Catcher/Processor requirements
(c) RCR requirements.
(d) Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) requirements
(e) Scales approved by NMFS.
(f) Scales approved by the state.
(g) Crab Monitoring Plans (CMP)

C: Quota Management Measures

(a) General
(b) Transfer applications
(c) Eligibility to receive QS, PQS, IFQ, or IPQ by transfer
(d) Transfer of CVO, CPO, CVC, CPC, QS or PQS
(e) Transfer of IFQ or IPQ by Lease
(f) Transfer of QS, PQS, IFQ or IPQ with restrictions
(g) Survivorship transfer privileges
(h) Applications for transfer
(i) Approval criteria for an Application for transfer of crab QS/IFQ or PQS/IPQ
(j) Transfer of crab QS/IFQ to or from an ECCO
(k) Application for transfer of crab QS/IFQ to or from an ECCO
(l) Eligible crab community right of first refusal (ROFR)

(a) QS and IFQ use caps
(b) PQS and IPQ Use Caps
(c) Vessel limitations

(a) --
(b) Notice of C Share QS Inactivity
(c) Initial administrative determination (IAD)

(a) Cost recovery fees
(b) Ex-vessel value determination and use
(c) Crab fee percentage
(d) Underpayment of fee liability
(e) Over payment
(f) Appeals and requests for reconsideration
(g) Fee submission form


Crab Rationalization (CR) Fisheries 

Crab Delivery Condition Codes, and Crab Disposition or Product Codes

Initial Issuance of Crab QS by Crab QS Fishery

Initial QS and PQS Pool for Each Crab QS Fishery

Initial Issuance of Crab PQS by Crab QS Fishery

License Limitation Program License Numbers That Authorize the Owners and Operators of Catcher/Processors to Directed Fish for Pacific Cod with Hook-and-Line Gear in the Central Gulf of Alaska Regulatory Area (Column A) and in the Western Gulf of Alaska Regulatory Area
(Column B)