Federal Fisheries in Alaska

The Sustainable Fisheries Division (SFD) implements the policy objectives of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and manages fisheries in the Exclusive Economic Zone off Alaska. SFD coordinates with the State of Alaska on development of fishery management and data collection programs, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission on development of regulations governing the recreational, commercial, and subsistence Pacific halibut fisheries off Alaska.  SFD provides guidance to the Council and other management agencies on development, implementation, and monitoring of fishery management measures, and draft National Environmental Policy Act and other analytical documents to support management decisions.

To accomplish these objectives, SFD collects and manages catch data from North Pacific groundfish fisheries, develops and maintains information systems for integrating catch and observer data for estimating species-specific total catch, and uses that data to manage fisheries to ensure that catch does not exceed established quotas. SFD also develops, maintains, and installs electronic shore-side logbooks and software supporting the interagency electronic reporting program, approves catch monitoring plans, certifies at-sea processor scales, and provides current and historic fishery statistics to other government agencies and the public, while maintaining the confidentiality of protected statistics.