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Electronic Reporting

NOAA Fisheries Electronic Reporting

eLandings and seaLandings

eLandings and seaLandings are components of the Interagency Electronic Reporting System (IERS) which is a collaborative program run by NOAA Fisheries' Alaska Regional Office, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission. The IERS provides the Alaska fishing industry with a consolidated electronic means of reporting production and landings of commercial fish and shellfish to multiple management agencies. Some of the benefits of the electronic reporting system include: improved data quality, automated processing of data, improved process for correcting or updating information, availability of more timely data for fishery managers, and reduction of duplicative reporting of similar information to multiple agencies.


Using the eLandings web-based application, processors report production and landings data. Once data are entered and submitted, users receive a printed production report, fish ticket, and/or an IFQ (individual fishing quota) report as a receipt.

elandings screen shot

OMB Control No. 0648-0515, Expiration Date: 11/30/2015


A stand-alone software package for clients with no web access, such as the at-sea fleet. This software facilitates submission of production and landing reports through email attachments.

processor workstation screenshot

Reporting Resources, Code Sheets and Species Guides

Contact Information

For more information about NMFS Alaska Region electronic reporting system, contact Susan Hall at 907.586.7462 or by email at Susan.Hall@noaa.gov.

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