IFQ Halibut/Sablefish Reports and CDQ Halibut Reports
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

IFQ Halibut/Sablefish Reports and CDQ Halibut Program Reports

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Harvest and Landing Reports

NOTE: NOAA Fisheries Alaska Region recently revised the following reports for confidentiality reasons. Within the following reports, confidential data are masked with asterisks. Landings by harvest area and landing port, daily landing summaries, and current year weekly/monthly landing reports have been removed due to data confidentiality constraints. You may submit requests for specific data in writing to the RAM Program at RAM.Alaska@noaa.gov. However, confidentiality is the primary controlling factor in what we may release.

Allocations and Landings (IFQ halibut/sablefish and CDQ halibut)
IFQ Harvest by Port of Landing (current year run daily)

IFQ Landings



Halibut/Sablefish Combined

  • 1995 - 1999 - Multi-year report with weekly and monthly data

QS/IFQ Transfers and IFQ Crewmember Statistics

Licenses Issued

NMFS is not a lien recordation agency and does not perform title or lien searches. As a public service to foster commerce, RAM accepts voluntary assertions of interest against limited access permits. On receipt of a transfer application for a permit that has such an assertion, RAM will make a courtesy notification to the person who asserted the interest. An assertion of interest cannot halt an otherwise approve-able transfer; RAM's notification provides 10 working days in which an Asserter may come forward with an appropriate Court Order or other legal instrument that provides authority for RAM to do so; absent that, the transfer will be processed. Assertions are public information, unverified by RAM, and neither constitute nor imply legally-filed liens. NOAA Fisheries makes no representation about content, accuracy or completeness of interest assertion data.

*Reports are updated daily, except Initial Issuee list, or as noted.

Quota Share Pools, TACS, Quota Share Use, Vessel Caps and Seasons

IFQ Cost Recovery Reports, Ex-vessel Prices, and Federal Register Notices

IFQ/CDQ Publications

Fishery Publications

Research Publications

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