Alaska Endangered Species Act, Section 6 Agreements
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National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Regional Office

Section 6 Cooperative Agreements

Section 6

Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA) allows state agencies to enter into cooperative agreements with NOAA Fisheries Service to enhance collaborative efforts focused on the conservation of threatened, endangered, candidate, and proposed species.

Under section 6, a state agency may enter into an agreement with NOAA Fisheries Service if it establishes and maintains an "adequate and active" program for the conservation of endangered and threatened species. After the agreement is in place, NOAA Fisheries Service may assist in, and provide federal funding for, the implementation of the state's conservation program. NOAA Fisheries Service Protected Resources Division maintains responsibility for implementing the section 6 program in the Alaska Region.

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Program Information

Annual Review

NOAA Fisheries Service conducts a statutorily required annual review of all section 6 agreements to ensure that its partner states are maintaining active programs for endangered and threatened species conservation. States are required to submit information to NOAA Fisheries Service to assist in this review by June 30 of each year.


Alaska Agreements

National Program

Species Recovery Grants

NOAA Fisheries Service annually advertises a competitive Species Recovery Grants to States Grants Program, open only to section 6 states. The grant program is intended to provide federal financial assistance to state agencies for endangered and threatened species conservation projects and activities. Projects can focus on management, research, monitoring, and outreach activities that provide direct conservation benefits for listed species, recently de-listed species, and proposed and candidate species that reside or spend a portion of their life in a state or state waters.

NOAA Fisheries Service also encourages collaborative state projects focusing on multiple species or projects covering a larger portion of a species' range.

FY 2013 Species Recovery Grants to States:

This national grant program is administered by NOAA Fisheries Service's Office of Protected Resources, with the assistance of regional section 6 staff. It was implemented in 2003 and has provided millions of federal dollars for species recovery projects being carried out by state agencies.

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